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Cheka Sana Foundation

  • LOC Tanzania

  • EST2007
  • RELSocial Investment

The Cheka Sana Foundation in Tanzania began in response to the growing number of children who have been pushed from their homes due to complex socio-economic factors and forced to live on the streets. These vulnerable individuals are then at real risk of violence, deteriorating health and sexual exploitation.

The foundation works to reduce the number of children living on the street by building a better relationship between street children, their families, relatives and their community. Key activities in this regard are: outreach, a girl’s centre, football and ‘Street Skillz,’ a programme for young mothers and their babies, reintegration work and advocacy. Together, these form an integrated and holistic approach to engage and support young street children.

At the heart of the foundation’s objectives is the Cheka Sana Residential Centre for those street children who need the most help. For the girls that live here, workers use their time to help the girls continue their education; develop meaningful friendships; ensure that their healthcare needs are met and above all, enable them to flourish and rediscover who they are.  It is also an opportunity to engage with the girls on an individual basis to explore the options for reunification with their families.

Another core project within the foundation is the TSC Sports Academy in Mwanza which is a community run programme that supports local players and football development, and aims to give players the skills and training to stay off the street.

CEO Stuart is on the board.


Number of vulnerable children taken off the streets by the foundation