Modular training spaces in any environment


  • CEOStuart Page
  • LOCU.K
  • EST2016
  • RELJV Operating Company

Enigma Alliance has partnered with FiTek to bring GymCap, a modular gym solution suitable for any terrain, to life. GymCap is a container gym built to ISO standards that is easily transportable and quick to assemble, providing high-quality physical training solutions that are ideal for challenging environments.

A bespoke fitness solution, GymCap can be be modified to suit clients’ requirements and offers clients cardio equipment with the latest low-maintenance, self-powered treadmills, rowers, air bikes and cross trainers, as well as storage and weight-pulley systems.  First launched in Chelsea Village in Mogadishu, Somalia, GymCap provides world-class health and training solutions in any environment.

FiTek, Inc. provides clients worldwide (governments, corporations and institutions) with fitness solutions such as, gyms and fitness centres, equipment, training and expert fitness facility planning, design and consulting. With a personal commitment to the mitigation of childhood obesity globally, FiTek has developed a programme for a compelling “Smart” fitness engagement for youth around the world, helping to make physical fitness accessible and habitual.

“Uniting our team of globally renowned fitness experts and consultants knowledgeable in fitness centre design and efficiency, high-quality equipment, and instruction, this collaboration with Enigma Alliance will allow us to make fitness convenient, accessible, and impactful to our global obesity epidemic and the related health challenges,” says Steve Saunders, co-founder and partner of FiTek, Inc.  As a top professional fitness and strength coach and founder of a nationally renowned performance gym franchise in the USA, Saunders is regarded as one of the leading fitness experts in the world.