Cyber Security & Infrastructure


  • CEOStuart Page
  • LOCEurope
  • EST2016
  • RELOperating Company

Hut8 provides cyber security, information security and physical security measures to protect people and information.  Typical projects include the design and implementation of security measures for offices, buildings, and embassies.

CEO Stuart Page was the Head of Diplomatic Security for the Australian Government overseas, responsible for the protection of 7,000 staff, properties and classified information in 120 countries. He worked closely with the UK, USA, NZ & CAN (The Five Eyes) Governments on security, counterterrorism and cyber. Stuart oversaw security plans and operations in many high threat environments, including Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan, where he implemented the build of the first permanent Australian embassy.

Hut8’s delivery includes all aspects of operational, protective, physical (security infrastructure construction) and technical security as well as the development of security policies and procedures.


Percentage of cyber security attacks targeting large firms


Percentage of data breaches that are cloud based applications


Percentage increase of average ransomware payment bringing it to $111,605


Hut8’ combines real and virtual aspects of cyber security from hacking prevention, physical searches of devices to human intelligence and disaster remediation. With the option of integrating into a client’s existing service, or tailoring solutions according to their business, we offer a 360° (PPPR) strategic cyber consulting service.