The world's first Sports Ethics and Integrity Masters degree

Erasmus Mundus Master of Arts in Sports Ethics and Integrity (MAiSI)

  • LOCSwansea
  • EST2014
  • RELSocial Investment

Enigma Alliance considers itself part of an empowering movement across the globe that believes that access to sports education, without borders, breaks down barriers and bridges socio-economic differences on equal-community playing fields.

As a response to the global crisis in sports integrity, honoury research fellow and Enigma Alliance CEO Stuart Page proudly supported the creation and development of the first Masters course in sports ethics and integrity and sits on the international advisory board. The two-year degree, a world-first innovation for sports administration and governance, aims to transform moral thinking in sporty by covering, amongst other issues, ethics, corruption, match fixing, doping and illegal betting.

As a result of a 2.9 million euro grant from EU funding organisation, Erasmus +, 100 graduates from all over the world are expected to complete the degree led by Swansea University and will be taught by academics from Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece at the university’s Bay Campus in Wales.

We also provide funding and support for scholarships to students, especially in Africa. Read what some of our scholarship students had to say about the opportunity.

For application instructions for the Erasmus + (Erasmus Mundus)  click here.


MAiSI is the first post-graduate degree in the world that responds to the global crisis in sport’s governance


The number of new postgraduate experts MAiSI aims to develop between 2016-21, who will enrich sport federations with their expertise in ethics and integrity and revolutionise the world of sport.


The number of countries participants will study in during the two years, including Wales, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain and Greece