Comfortable, safe modular living


  • CEOStuart Page
  • LOCCroatia
  • EST2014
  • RELOperating Company

NapCap takes container accommodation, purposed for field operations in remote locations, to a level of its own. Comfortable and secure, the double bed, en-suite bathroom, stylish décor and extra space for a desk and sofa in these modular units, could almost allow you to forget where you are.

Skillfully built by European shipbuilders, experts in making small spaces comfortable, NapCap accommodation is of the highest quality, offering MOSS specification standards and much more. NapCap units are the solution to accommodation in hostile environments, remote working camps, and disaster relief and refugee camps.


Range in celsius of the temperature resistance of the NapCap units. They can withstand temperatures ranging from -25°c to 50°c.


Length in mm of the very comfortable double beds in the NapCap units.


The years of combined experience that the NapCap team have operating in remote locations.