Paul Zaragoza

CEO, FoodRocket

What is your background, pre-FoodRocket?

Hedge funds that culminated in a partnership or consortium with 220 other hedge fund managers from around the world.

What can we look forward to from FoodRocket?

Essentially we are a health care company through food. Watch this space for exciting developments.


How would you describe your partnership with Enigma Alliance Group and how did it come about?

It’s based on long-term mutual investment and friendship, but I think the most important thing that Enigma offers is their entrepreneurial belief in me and the company. It’s the psychological support that I value the most.

What do you believe are the company’s key strengths?

I’m surrounded by a world-class team, Stuart Page being just one of them, who have experience and a track record of execution.

What makes you optimistic?

I’m a very hopeful person who believes anything is possible. I learnt everything through sports. I saw what hard work and hope can do through sport. Opportunity makes me optimistic.

What do you admire in others?

Resilience. Setbacks and adversity are inevitable, I’m in awe of how some people choose to recover from these things.

How has your life experience influenced FoodRocket?

I’m constantly looking at what we’re doing and figuring out and asking, ‘is there a better way?’

What has been the most exciting moment of your career?

I have daily exciting moments. You can make friends in childhood and those are important, but when you bond with people by doing something together, that is really rewarding. It’s the relationships that are created in business that can be measured over time that are exciting, otherwise you are just a number.