Tim Page

GM at Powerful and Co-Founder of Mind Architect

What is your background before your current roles?

I’ve spent over 20 years in various fields of work ranging from software development, to product creation, interactive entertainment, manufacturing, licensing, to business development. I’ve been fortunate enough to hold leadership roles in three global publicly listed companies, founded three companies, and advised for countless companies along the journey, especially in the areas of technology and Asia relations.

How do you describe what you do today?

I’m currently focused on two companies at the moment, being Mind Architect and Powerful. Mind Architect is a technology and software specialist company in virtual reality, augmented reality, retail and brand display solutions, holograms and projector projects, and shopping centre experiences basing out of Shanghai, China. The company is essentially a brain trust of tech folks working with clients in China and internationally, helping our partners improve their business through the use of emerging technologies such as VR, AR and Retail Solutions.

Powerfulis a leading company in retail smart technologies, design, and manufacturing. My main passion is to bring new smart technologies to retailers and brands in physical retail environments enabling new ways for consumers to shop in a more personalised way.

Why do you locate yourself in China?

I’ve been living in Shanghai, China for the last 10 years and honestly couldn’t think of a better place to be located in the world at the moment. I’ve watched China grow immensely into the super power that it is today and its role it plays in the global economy. In more recent times, China has progressed from follower to leader in the fields of technology and investment, which has helped position by specialities in connecting China with the world.

How do you describe your partnership with Enigma Alliance?

Enigma Alliance has always been a close supporter of our efforts in the Chinese market and provides a trusted bridge connecting them, and their partners, with the Chinese market. Further we see tremendous opportunities in exporting our developed technologies especially in the areas of retail interactivity, engagement products, and consumer tracking to markets around the world.

Your motto to live by?

True strength lies in your ability to move forwards, no matter what.