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Camp Amazone, a tented camp with 100 pax for a mining client in Mozambique, shows Enigma Smart Site Services can deliver in any location - no matter how challenging

Latest News December 21, 2017
Enigma Smart Site Services Deliver Tented Camp in Rural Mozambique

Location: Cabo Delgado

Client: Mining Sector

Name: Camp Amazone

Requirements: Standalone tented camp with 100 pax

Enigma Smart Site Services Tented Camp

Enigma Smart Site Services (ESSS) was contacted in early 2017 to look at a remote-site build in the province of Cabo Delgado, in Mozambique. The project was for a mining client that required a secure camp facility in order to support their security operation on the concession on the mine. The mine was in a remote location and the ESSS team quickly rolled into action and conducted a full site survey and scope of requirements. Situated in the North East of Mozambique, some 300km from Pemba, the logistics of such a build inclusive of weather, wildlife and geography would test all involve.

ESSS went to contract in early February and started the task of assembling the small team required to build and the mammoth task of procurement. Due to the lack of infrastructure and the availability of equipment, the simplest of tasks were big challenges that needed some careful thought applied. After meticulous planning of logistics and road moves from South Africa, as well as the procuring of materials, the work commenced.

The time of year was challenging as the rainy season had begun; this delayed the civil works due to the flash flooding but ESSS pushed hard with the construction timeline. Establishing a strong relationship with the client, there was mutual support throughout the build and friendships were forged.

Civil Work

The first task was to clear the land without any environmental impact to the natural fauna and wildlife this inclusive of a clean water source and accessible site for its final operation. Due to the nature of the operation it was decided that a more natural housing infrastructure would be suitable and a Safari Tented facility would be built. The small ESSS team got to work and built the foundation slabs for accommodation, trenches and pipes for both clean and grey water inclusive of septic tank and soak away. Our next Phase was the Installation of the Generators and water treatment plant inclusive of both raw and potable water tanks as well as electrical cabling and distribution boards to all areas of the camp.

Tented camp

Camp Amazone –  Installation

 The procured equipment was unpacked and installation started on at the accommodation and service support infrastructures.

The standalone, 100 pax camp facility includes:

Supplied by 2 x 64.5 KvA Generators.

Supplied direct from the borehole through a water treatment plant with 10,000l stored on demand.

Staff Accommodation
Senior Accommodation consists of seven single man/woman en-suite tents that come equipped with: single bed, mattress, pillow, duvet, air-conditioning unit, shower, toilet, sink, lighting, locker, hot water, raised concrete pad for flash flooding

Accommodation Tents
This consists of: 13 x Tents , 11 x 8-man tents, 1 x laundry, 1 x  shower tent, 2 x converted shipping containers for operations, 1 x toilet tent, 1 X kitchen / 1 x dinner / 1 x recreation area

Tented Camps bathroom

Executive Summary
Project Redstone was a bespoke project that required full detailed planning and contingency in order to be successful. The Camp facility is now fully operational and currently supporting critical infrastructure on the main operation. This facility will be able to give immediate life support to the operation. Enigma Smart Site Services were privileged to take the task on and deliver. We will miss the beautiful provence of Cabo Delgado but not the snakes and its wildlife.