Colin Laubscher

Commercial Director for Chelsea Water

Colin Laubscher is the Commercial Director of Chelsea Water. Ex-South African military, he brings with him 13 consecutive years of Afghan private security experience consisting of US-led opium eradication operations Afghanistan-wide, spending more than 7 years as the Embedded Project Manager for the European Union Police Mission to Afghanistan. He also has security experience working in Angola, Zambia, Jordan and Iraq. 

Colin has worked closely with the Chelsea Village team to inject valuable EU-experienced security standards to the current UN-compliant Chelsea Village compound, where the ultimate goal is having Chelsea Village being used as the security model for future UN & EU accommodation needs in a conflict zone.

He is now applying his extensive experience working in challenging environments to focus on Enigma’s specialised products and services regarding life support, infrastructure and technology.

In his down time Colin’s hobbies involve the great outdoors; he really enjoys safari/off-roading in the South African bushveld.