Shivam Shirolawala

Tech Advisor & Founder of WeAreBD

Shivam is plagued with an insatiable curiosity and a hunger to impact the world.

While working towards his undergraduate degree in finance at Rutgers University, Shivam started a consulting firm which grew to 18 diverse clients. Upon graduation, Shivam looked for a career path where he could continue to develop entrepreneurs and their businesses. 

Investment banking seemed like a natural fit, so Shivam joined MFS Capital Advisors, an industry agnostic, middle market firm in New York City. He is a natural capital connector and is now responsible for deal execution and building the firm’s business development arm. 

A believer of constraint breeding creativity

Shivam quickly realized how difficult it was to generate meaningful relationships within the private markets. He sought to create a solution that would change the way deals were sourced. The WeAreBD team utilizes predictive analytics, enriched data, and artificial intelligence to bridge the gap between buy side and sell side firms. 

Outside of work (and sometimes at work) – Shivam spends his time with his beloved golden retriever, Shaan.