Stuart Page

Founder and CEO of Enigma Alliance

Stuart Page has worked as a security expert in international affairs and engagement in the diplomatic security, intelligence and military services, as well as the United Nations, with his job taking him to places like Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia, China, Libya, and North Africa.

It was his years of staying in uncomfortable and risky places that made him determined to change the expected below-average accommodation so often found in field operations – and so NapCap was born. Constantly expanding the brand, this evolved into a portfolio called Enigma Alliance Smart Site Services: which includes NapCap (modular accommodation), WaterCap (modular water purification systems) and GymCap (modular gyms).

Stuart sits on several boards including UNICRI, Cheka Sana Foundation, MAiSI and Bath City Football Club.

Stuart is the co-founder of the Cheka Sana Foundation, which supports vulnerable and impoverished children in Mwanza, Tanzania, including access to a sports academy. Vice President of the Board of Trustees to UNICRI (UN) since 2009, he is also on the international advisory board for MAiSI (the first ever Masters in Sports Ethics and Integrity at Swansea University). Stuart is also VP of Strategic Innovation for AirProxima, an online booking company for private aviation.

Stuart is a prolific reader and enjoys delving into new technologies, ideas and developments in innovation across the board.