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Professional Custom Logistics Across Land, Sea and Air

Aero Atlantic is a specialty logistics provider with a focus on uncompromising performance in austere environments and exceptional air delivery circumstances.

With operational expertise spanning from NGO and humanitarian flight operations to multinational corporate air logistics, Aero Atlantic has established a fleet of aircraft and exclusive teaming partnerships purpose built for reliable and efficient delivery under any conditions.

From specialty Antonov aircraft for remote access or oversize loads to Boeing 7X7 cargo service

  • COMBI operations
  • Oversized cargo
  • Time-critical goods
  • STOL optimised fleet
  • Rear ramp loading
  • Vehicle transportation
  • Nonstandard Goods


With ownership and/or operational control over a fleet of carefully selected aircraft, Aero Atlantic is in the unique position of efficiently matching airborne resources with dynamic volume and destination requirements. We seek to match the scaled cost structure of the world’s largest air cargo companies with customized execution that can be adjusted for any mission, cargo or requirements.


Airborne assets to match mission requirements

Unlike air charter brokers or big box cargo providers, Aero Atlantic is a hybrid of direct air assets and exclusive teaming agreements with worldwide reach and experience. We apply our direct carrier costs and supplement with a trusted network of partners to design customized programmes that are cost efficient and purpose built.

Aero Atlantic has unmatched experience applying the broad capabilities of AN-X aircraft including preferred access to AN-124/225 – the largest cargo plane in the world.

Available Boeing resources include Combi 737, 757 and 767 cargo only and nose-loading 747-400F. Boeing 777 in both cargo and Combi configurations are also considered.


You work directly with Aero Atlantic principals to understand your mission requirements and define parameters for success.

We then design a plan specific to your needs, including details around engaging manufacturers or providers to inspect cargo and to define packing and handling best practices. Aero Atlantic can also work with a designated freight forwarder for required certifications licensing and airfield representation.

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