Certified Suppliers of
Covid-19 Personal Protective Equipment

Protecting your people

Keeping people safe from the pandemic and protecting key workers is at the top of the world’s agenda. The need for reliable, trusted, certified medical suppliers has never been greater.

Enigma Alliance and MediPro China are supporting the urgent global need for quality Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Reliability, confidence, inspection, testing, assurance and exporting.

Together, Enigma Alliance and MediPro China’s teams have years of experience in procurement for clients around the world and fill the role of facilitator for medical grade PPE. The medical products provided – from face masks to full PPE and ventilators – are certified to international standards, and your order is overseen from start to finish.

Why MediPro China?

MediPro China offers end-to-end supply chain management representing high-standard suppliers of medical-grade PPE and overseeing the service from manufacturer to recipient. With team members based in Dongguang – the heart of manufacturing in China – they ensure the quality of production, oversee the product leaving the factory and assist with further logistics.

For the last 12 years, MediPro China has played a key role in identifying, auditing and monitoring manufacturers. When the pandemic hit, they shifted their resources to evaluate, test and represent quality suppliers of medical-grade PPE. MediProChina has carefully, in-person, vetted, inspected and product tested across dozens of suppliers in China to ensure the highest standard of PPE products within our trusted supply chain. The manufacturers that MediPro China now represent are all certified, and allow instant access to do spot audits and on-site testing as required.

We are your trusted source for protective supplies providing bulk-order buying power with fair prices, onsite inspections, and quality control throughout the process.


Our Vision

To help countries and organisations to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Our Mission

To provide a source and gateway to trustworthy protective supplies direct to organisations.

Services include
  • Procurement of manufacturers and supply chain
  • Product management and handling of supply chain
  • Communication with local manufacturers
  • Quality control and factory audits and cargo inspection
  • Production supervision and logistic handling
Certified products and documents
  • Standard certificates FDA and CE
  • Supplier business license
  • ISO qualifications
  • Test reports
  • MediPro vendor inspection report
  • Testing standard: EN 149:2001+A1:2009

Direct government contact allows us to stay on point with the moving government regulations and rules in China.

Product Quality Inspection Process

We implement independent product testing during production with our team of inspectors. Our 12 point criteria follows an AQL methodology to find inconsistencies in materials, assembly machines and final packing to identify faults in assembly lines before they reach you.

Need to Know
  • All certification available on request
  • Currently, all stock is made to order
  • 60% deposit, 20% prior to factory departure, 20%
  • Freight rates can be requested separately.

Cost-Effective Delivery

Experienced in logistics, we support clients in sourcing the most efficient delivery options across land, sea and air.

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