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Adjustment Bureau

Specialists in the identification, disruption and removal of corporate insider threats

Adjustment Bureau

Adjustment Bureau are technology surveillance specialists and experienced in the identification, disruption and removal of corporate insider threats. Their team has extensive global operational expertise and are strategically placed, enabling them to provide quick and effective resolutions.

With operational expertise that spans all continents, Adjustment Bureau provides specialist, technology surveillance services to a range of clients. Key services include, technical surveillance counter measures (TSCM), intelligence collection and analysis, as well as physical and counter surveillance and investigation. Through their network of international specialists, the Adjustment Bureau is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to perform risk assessments on a case by case basis, and subsequently formulate solutions that are specific to the client’s needs.

From technical surveillance counter measures to corporate response teams, Adjustment Bureau are equipped to protect your privacy, anywhere, anytime.

  • Physical and counter surveillance
  • Technical surveillance counter measures
  • Corporate response teams
  • Risk assessment
  • Intelligence collection
  • Intelligence analysis
  • Corporate & HR Investigations
  • Penetration testing – physical
  • Undercover operations
  • Integrity testing
  • GPS Tracking
  • Counter stalking
  • Missing persons
  • Background checks
  • And special projects


With ongoing destabilisation worldwide, protecting corporate and personal information is more critical than ever. Adjustment Bureau operates a confidential service which ensures no footprints are left behind within the client’s operating environment. They provide clients with a thorough and professional consultation, ensuring all factors are considered before devising an appropriate response strategy and resolution. Through specialist technology surveillance measures, Adjustment Bureau is able to combat a wide range of threats while protecting against others.


You work directly with Adjustment Bureau to determine your risk levels and subsequent degree of protection required.

Enigma Alliance works behind the scenes, with our tech teams supporting the Adjustment Bureau and collaborating on the provision of specialist security services in the technology space.

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