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Blue Tide Marine

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Blue Tide Marine

Blue Tide Marine personnel include Special Forces operators, maritime, aviation, and security experts hand-selected for their specialized skills and experience.

Founded by retired US Navy SEALs, our careers have been defined by accomplishing extremely complex operations with precision.

What we do

Blue Tide Marine provides innovative solutions to meet unique maritime logistics and operating challenges including aerial cargo delivery, medical support, undersea services, security, and a variety of vessel transport and management services.


Yacht Support

Delivery, transshipment, management, and voyage consultation. We have fully licensed Captains and crew on staff to support your clients crew or unilaterally relocate vessels. Additionally, we offer aerial delivery (para-drop) of supplies (repair parts, provisions) and medical personnel to yachts at sea in FL and The Bahamas.


Threat training, risk assessments and mitigation for overseas travel. Additionally, we have a relationship with Red Rock Global Security Group who offers additional investigative and corporate intelligence services.

Concierge Medicine

Blue Tide Marine, partnered with Nereus Medical Solutions offers concierge medicine with particular focus in remote area travel. Our partners at Nereus are recognized for providing rapid response to distant or austere locations to provide care and if needed facilitate medical evacuation. Nereus has a broad referral network for top global medical facilities and offers peace of mind.

Discreet problem solving

Facilitating overseas delivery of resources in support of client’s private issues (legal or otherwise) where discretion and less visibility is desired.

Blue Tide Marine’s Leadership Team

Dawayne Lepper

Chief Executive Officer

Dawayne Lepper founded Blue Tide Marine in 2015 after recognizing the need for complex maritime logistics expertise in the private sector. Dawayne began his military career in the early nineties as a Deep-Sea Diver in the United States Navy and subsequently served as a US Navy SEAL, achieving the highest levels within an elite special operations force. Mr. Lepper was hand selected to serve at a specialized command where he embarked on a fourteen-year tenure of capability development and combat involving air, ground, and maritime mobility platforms. Mr. Lepper retired honorably in 2015 with 25 years of distinguished military service and resides in Virginia with his family.

Bob Pudney


Retiring from the US. Navy in 2019, Bob brings a wealth of experience in surface and special operations forged over a military career of 21 years. A native of Plantation, Florida, Mr. Pudney graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 1998, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science. He is a 2005 graduate of Troy University where he completed a Master of Arts in International Relations focusing in National Security Affairs. Bob has a wonderful wife and family who reside in South Florida.

Mike Oberhelman

Chief Operating Officer

Mike began his military career in 1998 as a US Navy SEAL where he served as a wet submersible pilot, Reconnaissance Team Leader and was selected for a specialized unit within the SEAL Teams where he embarked on a 14-year career of combat operations. Additionally, Mr. Oberhelman led the development and implementation of ground-breaking maritime capabilities. Mr. Oberhelman retired from the U.S. Navy in 2016 and resides in South Florida with his family.

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