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Enigma Alliance Smart Site Services

Enigma Alliance builds and manages bespoke turnkey life support solutions in challenging environments. We believe people operate at their very best when they feel at home. To create that feeling, no matter where they are in the world, is our privilege.

We do this by offering superior end-to-end solutions, ensuring accommodation is built, managed, maintained and secured by the very best. Our products, ranging from water purification to container accommodation, allow our clients to experience maximum comfort, safety and a quality lifestyle, so that they remain working productively and getting on with what they set out to achieve.

  • Oil and Gas
  • Mining
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Disaster Relief
  • NGO's

With years of experience operating in Africa, Enigma Alliance provides entire remote camps such as our flagship camp Chelsea Village in Mogadishu. We also provide stand-alone installation, maintenance and service support of the following products in our portfolio:

Full Camp Setup

Chelsea Village

Chelsea Village, in the Aden Adde International Airport zone, is Enigma Alliance’s flagship secure accommodation camp. COG transformed an empty plot of land in the Mogadishu safe zone into a fully functioning, comfortable camp that hosts 180 guests from the humanitarian and development communities.

Chelsea Village showcases our portfolio in one of the most high-risk environments in the world. As well as the high-end NapCap container accommodation, WaterCap clean water to WHO standards and modular GymCap facilities, Chelsea Village has exceptional catering, laundry, coffee shop, WiFi and video conference facilities and also offers office space. The facility is secured by sister company Hart International and is also the Somalia head office for humanitarian enablers CTG. 

To make a booking email: bookings@thechelseavillage.com For more information visit their website here.

Modular Accommodation


Containerised housing for remote living and working, NapCap offers comfort, quality and peace of mind. Designed by a team who have spent years working in remote locations, NapCap is certified to ISO standards.

Comfortable and secure, NapCap’s range includes:

  • Premium Napcap: 1 x accommodation unit with en-suite bathroom, 20 foot container; 2 x accommodation units with en-suite bathrooms, 40 foot container.
  • VIP Suite: a 40-foot container with single luxury living and bathroom area, and separate working area and lounge.
  • NapCap Villa

Unlike other container housing on the market, NapCaps are built new; the security design of the containers is in line with UNDSS MOSS standards. Portable (by air, sea and rail), NapCaps can be stacked, added on to, moved to a new location and easily refitted for a new purpose.

The COG team are also skilled at re-purposing containers depending on the client’s requirements.

Water Technology

Chelsea Water

Established in 2015 in response to water shortages and the lack of water-focused technology and infrastructure while operating in Somalia, Chelsea Water is the the ideal solution for clean, safe, drinking water in remote locations.

Cutting edge water-purification and waste management specialists, Chelsea Water are experienced in servicing rural and conflict zones. A partnership between Chelsea Group and NuWater, an industry-leading smart water treatment solutions provider, Chelsea Water offers numerous products to suit a range of applications. Ranging from he smallest fully portable 1,000 litre per day machine to large-scale industrial water purification plants.  Mobile, vehicle mounted options are also available for rapid, easy to transport options.

Chelsea Water also supplies solar-powered systems, without the need for batteries – only one of four companies in the world with this technology available.

Safe Room/Bunker


To reduce in-country build-time of the traditional Safe Room/Bunker construction in a conflict setting, COG developed a bespoke 10mm thick steel-enclosed (walls, floor & roof) Safe Room/Bunker, known as SafeCap which is supplied complete as a plug and play, drop-in unit.

Manufactured in Europe, it includes AC, plumbing lines, electrical lines, two toilets, wash basin, lights, electrical sockets, bench seating and a secondary roof structure for further overhead protection (UN Standard). Choose between 20 foot (12 person pax) or 40 foot (32 pax).

Modular Gyms


GymCap is a container gym built to ISO standards that is easily transportable and quick to assemble, providing high-quality physical training solutions that are ideal for challenging environments. The beauty of the modular design is that GymCap can be adapted and expanded in size dependent on requirements.

GymCap includes cardio equipment with the latest low-maintenance, self-powered treadmill, rower, air bike and cross trainers pre-installed, as well as a weight-pulley system. A broad spectrum of small equipment is included that can be adjusted to suit customer requirements.

GymCap is in partnership with FiTek, Inc. that provides clients worldwide (governments, corporations and institutions) with fitness solutions such as, gyms & fitness centres, equipment, training and expert fitness facility planning, design and consulting. FiTek is co-founded by Steve Saunders, who is regarded as one of the leading fitness experts in the world.

Read what our clients have to say about GymCap here

Tented Solutions

Remote Site Services

For remote-site facilities for mining clients in rural Africa to temporary solutions for humanitarian agencies, COG offers the set up and maintenance of tented camps. This is inclusive of infrastructure for power and water as well as set up of amenities – no location is too challenging.

Construction Services

Skilled at managing building projects in conflict-affected regions, the COG team offers infrastructure development and project management within Somalia and beyond. From medical units to office blocks, COG empowers and partners with locals delivering successful projects on time and on budget.


Since 2014, we have built bespoke camps for a variety of clients in challenging and even hostile environments. This is further backed by more than 25 years of personal experience in the field, constant innovation and industry-leading products and services. Through this gained experience, coupled with a holistic service offering, global certification, industry-leading accommodation, camp operations, water solutions and security, we have gained satisfied clients operating in multiple sectors. Chelsea Village, our secure accommodation camp in Mogadishu, is a testament to what we can offer every client.

We are international, strategic, solution orientated and the quality of our products and services is hard to beat. With an adaptive and problem-solving ethos and no sub-contractors, make us not only the most effective solution but often the most cost effective too. From secure accommodation, to facilities and catering, international guests feel at home from day one.

Our simple ambition is to ‘make the inhospitable, home’.


Stuart Page

Stuart Page

Founder and CEO of Enigma Alliance

Costa Yiannakis

Costa Yiannakis

General Manager Camp Operating Group (COG)

Colin Laubscher

Colin Laubscher

Commercial Director Chelsea Water


Marcus P

Marcus P

“Very impressive staff – always helpful and able to provide solutions. I will continue to bring clients to Chelsea Village.”

Chris G

Chris G

“The whole setup you have is excellent, reputation in Mogadishu is incredibly high and we can see precisely why.”

Giulio T

Giulio T

“GymCap at Chelsea Village has become the premier gym in the Mogadishu International Airport (MIA) zone”

George G

George G

“Chelsea Village is the only camp in MIA where we don’t get complaints about food and accommodation. We no longer lodge our staff anywhere else.”


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