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Water Purification Technology,
Available Anywhere in the World


Cutting-edge water purification specialists, WaterCap provides modular RO and Desalination water purification systems, both solar-powered and mains-powered


Number of guests at Chelsea Village, Mogadishu, drinking WaterCap water straight from the tap

800 000

Maximum output in litres of WaterCap systems per day

Clean Water Anywhere In The World

Established in 2015 in response to water shortages and the lack of water-focused technology and infrastructure while operating in Somalia, WaterCap is the ideal solution for clean, safe, drinking water in remote locations. Sophisticated water purification technology, WaterCap offers a solution that is easy to transport and deploy in various settings.

Today, all 180 of our guests at Chelsea Village, in Mogadishu, can drink clean water straight from the tap thanks to our WaterCap desalination plant.


WaterCap Solutions

Cutting edge water purification and waste management specialists, WaterCap provides containerised plug and play Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems and desalination plants that provide clean WHO-standard drinking water anywhere in the world. Pre-engineered and modular in design, the systems allow for simple connection and maintenance and can transform water – from sub-surface and deep-well aquifers with high salinity levels through to sea water – into clean and safe drinking water.

Able to adapt to any project size, the output of our WaterCaps range from 1000 to 800,000 litres a day.


Solar Power Water Purification

WaterCap also supplies solar-powered systems, without the need for batteries – only one of four companies in the world with this technology available.

  • 100% Solar energy
  • Strong economic competitiveness
  • Low energy consuption
  • No greenhouse gas emission

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