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Enigma Alliance, building secure and functional communities all over the world

With the capabilities to provide you with everything you need to feel at home, anywhere in the world, Enigma Alliance is an industry leading company, fuelled by its passion for innovation and sustainability. With a large focus on modular construction, Enigma Alliance has developed a range of robust products and solutions to meet the growing demand for modular unit construction as well as camp build and management in both hostile and urban settings.

The constantly evolving Cap portfolio (which includes NapCap, WaterCap, SafeCap and GymCap) features carefully considered products, created with complex environments in mind. From secure, modular accommodation units to portable water desalination technology, the team behind our design process have first-hand experience navigating some of the most fragile regions of the world.

We are also supported by remote camp specialists COG, who are an integral part of our facilities management services. Our flagship accommodation camp Chelsea Village is based in Mogadishu and is a prime example of how our product portfolio and range of services can come together to create a home away from home for the international community residing there.  

At Enigma Alliance, our client’s needs set the tone. We offer bespoke solutions that are considerate of your context and requirements. Our flexibility and continuous innovation gives us the competitive edge, enabling our teams to provide the best possible solution for your business needs. While our product portfolio makes up a large part of what we do, we are provide cybersecurity services and are involved in a number of initiatives including social investment, sport and sport education.  

We’re adaptable, innovative and always willing to take on and understand new business, sectors and products.

And that’s exciting.


The number of people Chelsea Village, our secure and comfortable accommodation camp in Mogadishu, can accommodate. The camp was designed, built and is managed by Enigma Smart Site Services.

$6.5 million
$6.5 million

The amount raised for global scholarships with the MAiSI Project. The first 17 students begin their Sports Ethics and Integrity training in 2017.


The number of private local and international flights booked and managed by Airproxima, the world’s first private on-demand booking system for air travel.

Everything in business is a puzzle. It’s about decrypting the challenges and coming at it from a fresh angle.

Stuart Page

CEO, Enigma Alliance



We are experienced entrepreneurs who like a business challenge, with the aim of finding innovative solutions and delivering in partnership with the companies that we connect with.


We are global, with a foothold in Europe, USA, Africa and China. As a Chelsea Group company our network extends even further, with eight sister companies with operational experience in 97 countries.


When it comes to our products we design, road test, adapt, improve, and road test some more, always doing proof of concept in the field. The modification is ongoing – we won’t rest until it’s the best it can be.

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