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Strategic Global Partnership: Phoenix Global & Enigma Alliance

Latest News February 05, 2021
Joint Venture: Phoenix Global & Enigma Alliance

Phoenix Global, LLC and U.K.-based Enigma Alliance announce strategic global partnership, centering around infrastructure development, manufacturing, technology, transportation, food chain logistics and energy projects.

Phoenix Global, LLC, a U.S.-based consulting and investment firm, announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with London-based Enigma Alliance. Through a joint venture partnership, Phoenix Global will be working on various projects through the global chamber of business leaders.

This partnership will allow Phoenix Global and Enigma Alliance the ability to undertake and accelerate large-scale projects centered around infrastructure, technology, manufacturing, food chain logistics, transportation and energy on six  continents.

“By combining our teams of experts in each field, we can utilise our aggregated 100+ years of experience to spur development and deliver solutions to governments and clients across the world, most particularly in developing nations,” commented Larisa Miller, CEO of Phoenix Global.

Phoenix Global and Enigma Alliance, under the leadership of CEO Stuart Page, are actively working together on projects in the Middle East, Europe and Africa with a primary focus on impact to the United Nations  Sustainable Development Goals. Capitalising on the diverse background and experience of both Miller and Page, the two CEOs merge backgrounds which are broad but complementary, with both leaders being held in high repute with heads-of-state, governmental officials, royal families and business leaders across the globe.

“Coming from the intelligence and diplomatic community, having served over 20+ years as a diplomat, I recognise the shortfalls and challenges facing governments and global societies. With our solution-based strategies and unique insights into governmental operations and the sensitives and challenges impacting our global business community, we are uniquely positioned to offer innovative and cutting-edge solutions, contributing positively to these national economies,” notes Page.

“Recognising our responsibility to a future and seeing the fractures in our global business operations made evident during COVID-19, from manufacturing and supply chain to housing and food security, it is essential that we embrace strategic partnerships such as the one Phoenix Global is forming with Enigma Alliance. We must recognise that we are global businesses, global citizens and stakeholders of the future,” said Miller.

“As we sit on the precipice of a new era, we can either be the ones to shape the future or wait for the future to shape us. I would much rather be the former.” Larissa Miller, CEO

Phoenix Global facilitates investment and advises governments and companies around the world in technology, Smart Cities and agritech, serving as a principal partner in technology parks being developed in strategic markets around the world.

Enigma Alliance prioritises consulting and investment in innovative technologies in sectors such as aviation, energy, water and resource management, housing and security in Europe, Africa and Asia. With CSR at the heart of Enigma’s business ethos, their social responsibility projects prioritise youth and sport, with a particular focus on initiatives around sports integrity. “Sports integrity is essential in order to have fair and equitable sport accessible to all, regardless of gender, ethnicity or location. Clean and fair sport no borders or boundaries and is meant for humanity to share and enjoy on all levels,” remarked Page.

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