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Behind Enigma Smart Site Services With The CEO & Founder

Latest News February 12, 2018
Behind Enigma Smart Site Services With The CEO

Q: How did the idea for Enigma Smart Site Services come about?

A: From our own personal experience, we know how hard it is to set up operations in post-conflict or remote locations – all of us on the team have spent years working in fragile or conflict-affected regions. From accommodation to a clean water supply, the typical quality of life for personnel working or living in these areas generally isn’t the best. We strive to create and build the necessary infrastructure and products needed to keep our clients’ personnel happy and well-looked after while in the field because we know what a difference we can make.

Q: What do you consider Enigma Smart Site Services’ greatest accomplishment?

A: We’ve successfully built camps and delivered products that have been proven in the harshest environments. Our clients know that we are multi-faceted and constantly evolving, bringing new solutions to life despite the challenges that arise.

Q: How do you see Enigma Smart Site Services benefiting each industry it serves?

A: We never stop innovating, which allows us to meet our clients’ requirements – whether that’s for mining, oil & gas, the military, diplomatic, NGO and disaster relief sectors – more efficiently at every turn. The NapCap, our high-end container accommodation, is already on version five of its design. Our water treatment plant, WaterCap, and modular exercise space, GymCap, are evolving constantly. By pushing boundaries we’re helping the industries we serve overcome traditional problems in more efficient ways.

Q: You’ve recently expanded into tented camp solutions, is this something you see Enigma Smart Site Services doing more of?

A: Definitely, but not limited to just that. We’ll be doing more light structures, heavy structures – depending on our clients’ needs. We will continue to adapt and improve on our existing designs according to whatever challenge we’re faced with next.

Chelsea Village Enigma Smart Site Services

Q: What makes Chelsea Village, your flagship accommodation camp in Mogadishu, exceptional for those who stay there?

A: Chelsea Village is a sanctuary for those who have to live and work in the MIA, Mogadishu. It’s the closest a lot of patrons will come to feeling at home in conflict-affected environments like this. We’re told that our NapCap accommodation is the best quality in the MIA, we have purified water to WHO-standards straight from the tap, our food is world-class… it’s a place where guests can socialise and relax after field operations, knowing that they are in a secure and comfortable environment, and we continue to listen to our guests’ feedback so that Chelsea Village continues to grow from strength to strength.

Q: How has Chelsea Village benefited those who work there?

A: When we take on an employee we, by extension, also take on their future and their family. We’re very aware of this and it’s our mission to help give back to those who work with us through upskilling and developing the communities around us and why we ensure that we have local nationals on our team.

Chelsea Village is a sanctuary for those who have to live and work in the MIA, Mogadishu. It’s the closest a lot of patrons will come to feeling at home in conflict-affected environments like this.

Q: What are some of the unique hurdles you face when erecting a smart site and how do you overcome them?

A: It’s bringing in all the supplies, setting up the water solutions and everything else that comes with moving large amounts of equipment to isolated areas. Once we have everything in place we supply regular maintenance. Have I mentioned that we like a good challenge?

Q: What are some of Enigma Alliance’s other accomplishments besides your flagship smart site, Chelsea Village?

A: Enigma Alliance has three divisions: infrastructure (ESSS), technology and corporate social responsibility. Besides our infrastructure accomplishments, we’ve also done a lot in the fields of technology and investment and we’re thrilled about our recent involvement with some exciting new AI. On the CSR front we’re involved in everything from empowering and educating disadvantaged children in Tanzania to helping rehabilitate and inspire veterans. Our ethos is that as our business grows so do our staff and everyone else we’re able to help.

Q: How do you believe that the team behind Enigma brings unique expertise into the different fields that you operate in? 

A: Our entire team thinks out of the box. They’re energetic and constantly looking for new ideas and innovations to move things forward. The team who are the driving force behind Enigma Smart Site Services have almost 30 years of experience between them operating in challenging environments and are experts in delivering smart site solutions, especially in Africa. It’s great to have a team around me who are as excited as I am to bring new ideas to the table. When solving problems, we look beyond today and tomorrow, we consider the future.

Q: What do you believe sets you apart from your competitors?

A: Simply put, Enigma Smart Site Services delivers in the harshest of environments. No matter what the challenge is, we make it work and if we don’t have the product, we develop it. We’re constantly expanding and growing in our own professional world and always looking to deliver an even more innovative product.