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Why We Are Proud Supporters Of 65 Degrees North

Latest News January 17, 2018
Why We Are Proud Supporters Of 65 Degrees North

65 Degrees North supports wounded or damaged ex-service men and women in an innovative and inspirational way: through the spirit of adventure, offering the opportunity to participate in once in a lifetime challenges.


The latest challenge that 65 Degrees North have in their sights? The ascent of Mount Aconcagua. Located in the Andes Mountain range, Argentina, its height climbs to a staggering 22,841ft (6962 metres). Known as the ‘Roof of the Americas’ – and referred to by locals as ‘Death Mountain’ – it is one of the seven Summits that is second highest only to Mt. Everest and is notoriously difficult to summit due to its extreme weather patterns. Success rates on the mountain are not high (with some putting it at 40%). The sheer scale and altitude, with summit temperatures dropping to below -30°c, tests those who are brave enough to take it on.


The 65 Degrees North team (who you can read more about here) are now on day 10 of their ascent.

Current status: spending some time resting and acclimatising at 5400m (17,700ft), which is slightly higher than Everest Base Camp, in preparation for their summit bid!

The team are undertaking this epic challenge to prove there is life beyond injury and hope to inspire and motivate others to take on their own challenge,” says 65 Degrees North.

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Enigma Alliance and Chelsea Group are proud to be sponsors of 65 Degrees North, alongside other sponsors such as the Endeavour Fund (created by The Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry) and Swansea University.

“I am so excited to see what can be achieved from veterans who have seen a lot challenges in their life: that they are able to harness the benefits of adventures like Mount Aconcagua; to go beyond their past and to find their resilience; to be successful as a team and individuals on their journey back into society and life. We congratulate them for being brave in the past and for being brave today, in wanting to succeed in life – they never gave up!” – Stuart Page, CEO, Enigma Alliance.

“With many of our team at Enigma Alliance and Chelsea Group coming from ex military background, our commitment to 65 Degrees North is personal. As a commercial entity we are happy to be supporting injured service men and women giving them the ability to fight back and in turn help others.” – Daniel Stewart, COO, Enigma Alliance

We’re following the ascent on a daily basis – which you can do via the following social media channels.

Website: http://www.65degreesnorth.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/65degreesnorth/

Twitter: @65degnorth https://twitter.com/65degnorth

Instagram: @65degnorth

The team are also raising funds for the The Royal Marines Charity which provides the best possible through life charitable support for the Royal Marines, their families, veterans and cadets. If you would like to make a donation visit  https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/65dn

Update: 65 Degrees North reached the summit of Mt Aconcagua at 6.30pm (GMT) on Sunday 21st January. The summit bid was not without its trials and challenges, with three of the five-strong team beaten by the altitude. Congratulations to all of you! Read about their homecoming here

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